What is the Spiritual Side of Running? 

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What is the Spiritual Side of Running?

It’s noticing the messages of spirit/god/or whatever you call your higher power. This may be an animal you see, tripping on a branch, or a sudden burst of insight. I believe these are not coincidences, but messages from God/The Universe.

What is “God/higher power/the universe”?

To me, God is a higher power greater than ourselves and is all around us. I believe we all have God’s love & grace within us. We can connect to God/the universe/higher power wherever we are…even while running.

Why Explore the Spiritual Side of Running?

Exploring the spiritual side of running, can help you live a more balanced & peaceful day to day live. You can use running help build your intuition, balance your energetic system, notice your body’s subtle messages with the goal being to live according to your soul’s ultimate truth. Now who doesn’t want to do that?

On www.indigorunner.com, You will find run plans & mindfulness products to purchase, freebie run training plans to print, and a articles about running, yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, intuition, and everything in between.

I write about what I’m passionate about! Mostly, my article inspirations come to me while I’m running, so I just never know what’s next. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

~ Brooke


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