The Spiritual Meaning of Physical Injuries

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Have you ever heard the saying spirit first whispers, next it shouts, and finally it will scream to gain your attention? Injuries can sometimes serve those signs and reminders from God/the universe that you may not be listening to something meaningful.

Perhaps, you have a “gut feeling” that you have been operating on full throttle, yet refuse to heed the warning proceeding with the same intensity day in and out. 

Or maybe you are in a job you hate…until one day the decision is made for you when you are let go.

An injury serves as a spiritual sign/message that something in your life needs your attention.

For the past year, I have been battling countless injuries…knowing I need to step back and let my body heal. Which I did for a short time, but I still was missing something.

I slowly started to ease back into running & tennis once August hit and also started back to work full time. It was a lot all at once. 

At my fourth singles match of the season, I pushed off my right foot to pivot and instantly felt a “pop” in my calf. I knew I couldn’t take another step and fell to the ground, and the tears started to roll. I didn’t have a choice now- I would have to take time out to heal.

Injuries suck. Running and tennis are my outlets. My therapy. They are how I cope with stress. When I can’t be active, I have a really challenging time dealing with the stress of work and life in general. 

My injury served as a more profound message. A message I needed to shift my focus and be still. What exactly was my lesson? Over the past few months, I have not been writing. My yoga practice has become non-existant.

Being injured has forced me to be still & honor the moment. I have been able to focus on my writing, which I haven’t been doing at all lately.

Whatever the reason these injuries are bubbling to the surface, I accept and honor the opportunity to rest. 

Yes, injuries absolutely suck. Instead of looking at them as a setback – look at them as a level up. You are growing and healing within. Learn the lessons God has set forth for you and come back stronger. 

Ways to learn from your injuries spiritually:

  1. Look up the meaning of the body part injured “You Can Heal Your Life,” by Louise Hay
  2. Before going to bed, ask God/universe/spirit, “what am I to learn from this injury?”
  3. Reflect on your current life/situation. Is there something worth having your attention? Maybe you’ve had a gut feeling about a job, and this is your wakeup call. 
  4. Shifting Perspectives Exercise:
    1. Describe a time God brought you screeching to a halt?
    2. What were your thoughts on the situation then? Were these helpful?
    3. Reflecting on the situation and your thoughts/behaviors/reactions at the time, how could you have shifted your perception? Would this have helped?
    4. What did you learn about yourself in dealing with that challenge?
    5. How can you apply what you learned to future challenges or obstacles?

Are you dealing with a running injury? Comment below!

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