Can Running Really Help Build You Intuition?

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It sounds crazy, right? How could running help build your intuition? When you hear “intuition” you usually envision tarot cards, psychics, and ouija boards. However, it is through running, which I have learned to develop my intuition. 

While running, our minds are quiet.

How many times have you gotten the best ideas while out on a run? Solved problems while running? Been inspired? It’s amazing when you think about how often you’ve been able to sort things out while running.

It’s because your left brain is quiet and your right brain takes over.

Running is an excellent time for those, who may have challenges with sitting meditations, to meditate and build their intuition.

3 Tips to Build Your Intuition While Running:

  1. Grab a journal. Write down all your “random” thoughts you had during your run. Dump it all out. Even the ones that seemed meaningless or silly- get them all out on paper.

  2. Pose a question. Pondering a big decision? Ask yourself to receive insight during your run. You will probably find that the answer will come to you while your running and your mind is silent.

  3. Pay attention to the animals, people, and other encounters while running. Often, these encounters have a deeper meaning. Do they only happen while running? Of course not. However, by paying attention while running will train your brain to pay attention every single day. Perhaps you keep seeing a jeep drive by and have been thinking about purchasing one or turtle keeps appearing on your route to remind you to be patient.

What about you? Do you have any tips on building your intuition while running? Please post them in the comments below!

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