Perception: How Making Little Shifts, Can Make a Big Impact

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The other night I was watching a show called “Brain Games”. Have you watched it? It’s all about perception. In this episode they were displaying images of how shadowing changed the way we interpreted the color of the objects. It really caused me to reflect on just how much that can apply not just to pictures, but to situations in our everyday life. How many times have we been in a situation and thought “if so and so only knew where I was coming from” or perhaps, ” they don’t know a thing about what I went through”.

This reminded me of a time when I was working as at one of my first jobs out of college in my early twenties. A co-worker said to me, “Oh, you can probably eat what ever you want and never gain weight”. This was her perception of me because I was thin, in-shape and wasn’t currently battling with my weight (she was very open to everyone about her struggles). Little did she know, that from the age of 10-23 I had huge issues surrounding my weight/eating. I had finally had gotten to a good place where I was eating healthy & not starving myself to be thin or having anxiety around food. This can apply to so many other circumstances. Think of the car that cuts you off in traffic. You first want to get angry. Your perception is they were inconsiderate and rude. However, let’s shift to the other driver’s perspective. Let’s say they didn’t see you or perhaps they had just gotten a call that their mother was in the ER. Changes things doesn’t it? It’s amazing what can happen when you shift your awareness and think, “I don’t know what the other person went through, is going through, or is coming from”.

How can you shift your perception on a day to day basis? Think of all the interactions and opportunities you have to shift your perception throughout the day. How would that change your reactions? For the next 7 days, try seeing a another perspective in various situations throughout your week. How does it leave you feeling? A little more peaceful and calm perhaps? Be sure to check in and let us know! Until next time…

~Be the Change.


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