Do you see animals when you run? They may be trying to tell you something…

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How often do you see repeating numbers or animals? Perhaps you think nothing of it or label it a mere coincidence. I am here to tell you, it is so much more. Often, God/spirit/universe will use these tools to communicate messages to us.

Since I run outside, I often see animals during my training runs. Instead of brushing it off, as a mere coincidence., I take note. There will be weeks that go by, which I will see cardinals every day. On my vacation in Sedona, I saw a fox. Woodpeckers have come to me as well. All these animals have messages, but many times as runners we don’t notice them. We get so wrapped up in our internal world, we don’t take note of what the external world is trying to say.

Now, that I have your attention, you’re wondering how to work with this awareness?

Here are the steps I recommend to get you started in learning the language of animals:

1. Pick up a copy of Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews (Troy, OH native). This book is well known book on interpreting the language of animals.

2. Begin keeping a journal of the animals you see along your training run. Resource Animal Speak and journal the meaning behind the encounter. Also, make note of anything significant in your personal life that may be relevant.

3. Before you run, ask God/spirit/universe a question. Journal what you observe while on your run. Often we get the answers we are searching when we get out of the way, which happens while our mind is clear.

Next time you go out for a training run, notice what animals you see and hear. The animals are “speaking”, we just have to “listen”!

Until next time, Be the change.

~ Brooke

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