7 Must Do Self-Care Practices

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Self-Care wasn’t always top of my list. It took time. It used to be, “self care” was exercising and checking a box. It had nothing to do with self-care and everything to do about “losing weight” and my “self image”.

I would often stress about fitting in my “self care” activity of exercising, which seems ironic. The very “self care” activity that was suppose to promote relaxation and destress me, was causing me stress trying to fit it in? How does that make sense?

It’s seems so superficial to me now. I had no idea I was just skimming the surface of what was going on. There was deep inner work that needed looked at, but I was too busy fixing what I thought was wrong on the outside. I didn’t have time to work on the hard stuff…my inner self.

Over time, layer after layer, crisis after crisis, I began to peel the outer shell away. It wasn’t easy . I didn’t always like what I saw. Yet, I began to be more in touch with what I needed on the inside and less concerned with what I look like on the outside.

I soon learned to nuture my inner self and do what feeds my soul. Hence, the beginning of my self-care routine.

When we do that, after all, our outside will be a reflection of the peace within. In my opinion, that IS self-care.

When you have a well developed self-care routine, everyday stressors will not affect you as much. Things tend to roll off your back, because you will feel inner peace and calm.

You will learn to recognize when you are “at your breaking point” and need a time out. Not only do you recognize these signs earlier, but you will know how to nurture and take care of your inner self to de-stress before you’ve “lost your cool”.

It can be tricky learning what we need. In the meantime to get you started, I’ve put together my self-care list. Please keep in mind this will be different for everyone. We are all on a different journey and will have difference needs. Think of this as a blueprint. Make your own changes accordingly.

Self Care will help anyone who wants to stay more centered, grounded, present, and calm.

7 Must Do Self Care Practices

First thing in the morning, ask, “what do I need to stay calm and grounded today?”. Years ago, I never would have asked myself this question.  I merely would have gotten up and went running or some other exercise routine, again, with the goal to lose weight. Now-a-days, my focus to nurture my body and soul, thus asking what I need. Sometimes I need yoga, a sacred bath, a meditative walk, tennis, or perhaps a long run out in nature…it varies based on how my body feels.

Write down your dreams. For me, my dreams seem to reflect insight as to what is going on in my life at a deeper level. For instance, if I’m not feeling stressed, but am having many anxiety filled dreams I know I may need to do
some to do some deeper inner work journeling and to the root of what may be bothering me.

Meditate. Meditation can be one of the most transformative self-care practices you can incorporate. It will teach you to be more present and slow down. Often times, we think we don’t have time to meditate, but that’s exactly when we need to. Starting small, just 1-2 minutes. I love adding essential oils during my meditation. Any grounding oils will do, but frankincense is especially powerful during a meditation.

Make time to be creative. Being creative is important in our soul’s growth and alignment. Some need more than others and we all have different outlets. Also, the creative outlet may change during various times as well. For instance, I will go through phases where all I want to do is decorate and rearrange my space. Then, the I’ll go on a spurt where I’ll need to paint, draw, or play music. Writing is always needed for me, but the other forms come and go. Just listen to your urges and follow them.

Spend time in nature. Nature will ground and calm you. Make a point to spend at least 10-15 minutes outside as part of your self care routine, you will feel a difference.

Set aside time Sunday evening, to plan the week. I feel so much more centered, calm, and in control when I have looked ahead and planned out my week. This doesn’t mean you need to plan out every detail, but just have a look at your schedule and write down anything you need to get done. You can mentally be prepared for your week ahead. You will feel ahead of the game and not living “behind the eight ball” so to speak.

End your day with cup of your favorite tea. I love finishing my day with a hot tea curled up in bed. Green tea has many health benefits such as containing antioxidants, may  reduce the risk for cancer, and may boost immunity. 
There you have it! That’s my go-to list of self-care items to keep myself “calm in the choas”. How about you? how do you stay grounded in the midst of stress of every day life? Please share below!



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